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[heading2 title=”World class deal sourcing and execution.” subtitle=” ” button_text=”Aquisitions” button_url=”#” pitch_text=’Bridge’s ability to understand and identify opportunities is a result of our principal’s vast experience and relationships. We have built our careers working in all areas of brokerage, property management, asset management, construction and development. Bridge’s team clearly understand what our customers want and are capable of structuring a transaction that meets our customers’ needs and goals for the investment. We have developed deep relationships with the brokerage industry, the commercial lending and investment banking industry, as well as with institutional investors across the country. The principals of Bridge are well regarded throughout the real estate community as a sponsor that is capable of performing. The strength of those relationships have allowed us to buy over $1.5 billion in commercial property over the last decade with more than $1 billion in property level financing. After establishing with the risks and return needs of our partners, we specifically identify from our pool of opportunities transactions that meet both our and their investment goals. As the managing member and operating partner of each transaction, we take this responsibility very seriously. We will create the absolute maximum value while taking the minimum amount of risk necessary to accomplish investment goals. We always structure our transactions so that they have the best chance for success and sufficient capital to fully execute each individual plan.’]